Welcome to my site! Ever since I was a little kid my main interest has been computers and gaming, it gradually turned into watercooling and modding. This is now my hobby and part time job.

Here you can find my build logs throughout the years and also albums of my completed builds. You can also get in contact with me if you’re interested in my projects and want to get involved!


I recently had my build Aquatic Ambiance featured over at Singularity Computers web page and social media networks. Thanks so much for high lighting my build. It really means a lot to me. Singularity Computers has always been a huge inspiration for me and definitely one of the reasons I started out water cooling in the first place. The attention to details and the workmanship from Daniel is as high end as it gets and their products are of amazingly high quality.

Aquatic Ambiance features a Protium pump reservoir combo and Thereal Single mounts in silver. 


Lavender breathes! The moment I laid my eyes on the Lian Li PC-Q37 case I knew I had to do a hard piping build in it. 

I learned a lot from this one to say the least. It was a technical nightmare to get all piping align perfectly without hitting each other, components or anything else in the build. The case is tiny and the margin of error in certain loop routes are quite small.

I did a few mods on the case in this one, which turned out great. I uninstalled the whole bottom part and installed aluminium feet instead. Also made 4 pass-through holes for piping as this build features a hidden pump and reservoar. 

Overall the build has some nice details. The OLED panel CPU block from Aquacomputer, custom cables from CableMod and nice color themes all throughout. 

See the full album here.



My latest customer build Cairodrome is finally complete, watch the full album and specifications here

The build took me around 2 months to complete from the first agreement with the customer to delivery, much thanks to the long shipping times from Aliexpress. It was an interesting build with a lot of challenges and I learned a lot during the process. 

Cairodrome is built from customer specifications. I would have picked a lot of other elements to the build but after a discussing or two we landed on mostly what the customer originally had in mind, which in the end turned out pretty good!

Cairodrome is named after a soundtrack in one of my all time favorite games. 


I’ve been curious about the Lian Li PC-Q37 case for a while now and decided a few weeks ago to make a sweet build in it. I can’t find a lot of hard piping water cooling builds in this case which is a shame as there’s so much potential for a really nice system in it.

My plans so far are not that clear. Obviously it’s a mITX case so let’s think small, I’m thinking 16mm hard pipe, gold fittings and a hidden reservoar behind the PSU wall. I’m also thinking dual 240 radiators.

So far I haven’t begun this project, but keep and eye open as I’m very intrested in starting working in this case as soon as possible!