Build logs

Emerald moon

My most challenging build to date. An ultra-compact mITX gaming PC with high end components and little room to spare.  

Magmoor v.1

A customer build in Phanteks Eclipse P400S using EKWB’s new Fluid Gaming Kit with parts made entirely out of aluminium. 

Magmoor v.2

In this build log I’ll rebuild Magmoor V.1 and upgrade it with a 360mm radiator, a Fluid Gaming GPU block and a whole new loop in a new case.


A build made from left over parts, made unique with X-Flow radiators, thicker reservoir and details such as nickel fittings and EK RAM blocks.


Customer loop in the huge Thermaltake Tower 900. A very powerful gaming PC with lots of UV details and other cool details.

Aquatic Ambiance

My first mITX CaseLabs build in the Mercury S3. Quality build with Aquaero, lots of nickel plating and small details.

Work in Progress


An upcoming project in the mITX case PC-Q37 from Lian Li. Still in planning stages here, keep your eyes open!

Work in Progress