I started out measuring the top 280mm radiator to see if it would even fit with the motherboard and RAM and sure enough it did. I just cleaned out the whole case for this build.

Front 240 fits perfectly as well without having to remove the bottom plate going down to the shroud. This being X-Flow radiators will help me a lot when doing the loop run.

This was the first time mounting the reservoar pump combo and it fits perfectly! I didn’t have to drill or anything, two whole aligned just where I wanted them to be. I fastened the brackets with screws and bolts. 

You can see here I start to plan the loop path, I started with the top rad -> CPU route as this was one of the trickiest ones to get nicely. At this point I knew I wanted to go soft tubing, but I wanted to make it special.

This was a fun route to make! It’s so tight and crammed up here but I managed to sneak in a small tube-route in between a 90° rotary and a dual  45° rotary.  I’m using 19mm OD soft tubing for this.

The GTX 1080 with block is now installed and I’m experimenting a bit with the loop route. I knew I had to fit a drain valve somewhere and that made it difficult to plan a path from the outlet on the pump.

At this point I was trying out some runs and quickly realized that the GPU->Pump route was way to short and just didn’t look too good. I also installed a simple drain system using a EK Ball Valve.

There’s a lot of fittings around the pump area but I felt it was necessary to make everything work properly but also to make things look good in the end. The new GPU->Pump route looks was better now.

The routing is now finished. One of my greatest looking soft tubing builds in my own opinion. I love how efficient it looks and the nickel details looks great.

Check out the finished build here